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A warrior princess from the 80s

Return to Greyskull

Rediscovering classic heroes from the 80s

Throwback time!

I was browsing cartoons on Netflix the other day and saw that they made a remake of a classic from the 80s. Massive throwback. Shall we travel back in time?

Let’s go back to the late 80s and early 90s, when I was merely a few years old. Like most children my age, I was raised on Japanese cartoons. Cartoons about action and adventures, with male leads like Lupin III, Fist of the North Star, and DragonBall Z, and cartoons about love stories, with female leads like Urusei Yatsura, Tokimeki Tonight, and Ai Shite Knight.

In short, boys were fighting and girls were looking for true love. Until one day I came across a very different cartoon…

He-Man and She-Ra, The Secret of the Sword.

Princess of Power

Of course, I am talking about the kick-ass, well-drawn (almost Archer-esque style) universe of She-Ra and He-Man. These two iconic figures, whose stories intertwined, were heroes from outer space, adventurers, and protectors of peace. Two powerhouses that captivated audiences through generations.

Let’s start with Adam, aka He-Man, the big boi “Master of the Universe“. Carries around his iconic sword and trusty allies like Battle Cat and Man-at-Arms. His day time job? Defending Eternia against the forces of evil, led by the sinister Skeletor (oh man, this guy was so awesome). He-Man is two parts strength, one part heroism, a sprinkle of a blond bob, and the rest is muscles

But guess what? He had a twin sister. Enter Adora, aka She-Ra, ‘Princess of Power’. One part eroine, and three parts hot stuff. She has the same day job as Adam, but a different office—she’s in Etheria. Alongside her loyal friends, She-Ra battles the enemies led by the cunning Catra, and learns the importance of compassion and unity. Also has a sword and a winged horse to boot. 

What’s fascinating is how well these two characters were drawn. They weren’t long and slim like most of the cartoons I watched. They were strong, athletic, in a very muscular way. Their stories were rich in mythology and camaraderie. The characters occasionally crossed over into each other’s adventures, bridging their worlds and expanding the lore of Eternia and Etheria. Big universe stuff.

She-Ra, Princess of Power from the 80s.

The modern take

Fast-forward to now, and She-Ra’s made a comeback in a Netflix reboot, while He-Man continues to inspire new generations through comics and reboots like “Masters of the Universe: Revelation.”

I have to say: She-Ra was my first strong, fighting, and kicking ass, female lead. She showed me that adventures, courage, and muscles were not just for boys

I wonder what heroes and characters shaped other kinksters into who they are today. I always loved female-led TV series, as they made me feel empowered to be in charge.

Whatever, or whoever, your inspiration was during your childhood, I hope they shaped you for the better. 

Embrace the power within you and keep adventuring. For the honor of Greyskull!

She-Ra, Princess of Power from Netflix.