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Charmskool + Erotic Art Exhibition in London

Contains NSFW.

A weekend of shopping and culture

Kinky, obviously. Because we are still perverts.

After my last visit to Charmskool, I thought I would pop over there again for a drink with Alice Hunter, a fellow blogger (writer of Unicorn Hunting Blog Explorers’ guide to crafting a non-vanilla utopia, check her out, she’s awesome!!). I was happily surprised to see a couple of new vendor that caught my eye! So I am sharing them with you 🙂 

The shopping part, at Charmskool

The Art corner

We had a bit of art at Charmskool this time! by the window, there was an artist doing watercolour portraits – Layla.

I could not stop staring at her work, to the point that I think I started making things awkward with the staring. Ooops!

I then decided it was time to take a couple of pictures and thank her for letting me be her audience for a short while. Such a cool thing!

So many watercolours!!

One of the portraits in her folder.

A stunning picture on her desk.

Some of the shops

Started with a walk around, just to see what was new. And, as you know, I am a sucker for a good headpiece. Which took me to the first shop I visited…

This was one of my favourites. Caterina’s stand has lots of shiny and sparkly latex, and some gorgeous bunny ears!

She had some beautiful nipple tassels and other accessories too, thou I am now dreaming of a new pair of latex tiger ears….

Her shop’s name? Kraken Counter Couture!

Another stand that caught my eye was the one with distress brass chains, that were then coated to avoid any discolouration. How cool is that?

His shop’s name? Quincy Albert!

Another colourful one which was co-manned by mother and daughter 🙂 SO CUTE!!

Her shop’s name? Angry Dollz!

About the Erotic Art Exhibition

Shortly after I decided to go to the Erotic Art Exhibition. This was hosted at Bargehouse, OXO Tower Wharf on Southbank, across multiple floors.

The exhibition runs yearly in London and it exhibits hundreds of quality erotic work in every imaginable media, from all over the world.

There are paintings, photography, sculptures, and more, you name it! The curate art submissions and pick 150+ artists from UK and abroad. 

Not just art, they also run presentations and performances, a small art market, some workshops and talks/lectures on one of the floors. So you can attend on multiple days and experience something different every time.

Absolutely worth a go, it’s one of the highlights of the London art scene.

And that is all for today, I hope that inspired you to go see an erotic art gallery too 🙂 

To you all, take care and keep it kinky!!