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TV review: Season 2 of BONDiNG is out!

Best presents are kinky Netflix shows

I don’t do presents at Christmas. Everyone who knows me, knows this. I am a Grinch, really. It’s true, I swear.

It doesn’t stop at my no-presents-policy… yes, that’s right, no presents… why I don’t do presents? maybe I was scarred by terrible *insert random item of clothing here* in the past? or maybe because they are never well-thought-out? or maybe because I am not materialistic? Go figures…

On top of that, I am also mostly grumpy, and I wear a lot of black, think kinda-stylish and kinda-punk funeral home vibe. Only very recently, I gave in, and bought Christmas decorations for my flatmates’ sake.

And also, just so I don’t get labelled as a killjoy.

But then, last Christmas, I got a present I didn’t know I wanted 🙂

♥ BONDiNG – Season 2!!! ♥

You might remember I wrote a short review about BONDiING Season 1 BC (time is now measured as in either BC – Before-Covid, or AC – After-Covid).

Just seeing another season of this precious gem being released into the wild (Netflix), just made my day! YAY 🙂

What’s BONDiNG you say? BONDiNG is a show about Tiff, a college student who works as a Dominatrix in a NY dungeon under the alias of Mistress May. She recruits Pete, a gay childhood friend of hers, wanna-be comedian, as her bodyguard and partner. After a shaky start, he starts really enjoying his new job, and she keeps growing her dominatrix clientele, episode by episode. All of it dressed up in beautiful latex and leather outfits!

Season 1 has about 7 episode and Season 2 has another 8; each episode is between 15 and 20 minutes, so it’s totally weekend binge-watchable. Because that’s my life now.

The show looks at their professional and personal lives, and covers various fetishes and kinks (want to know more about terminology? read THE ABC OF BDSM). It shows the sub and dom(me) dynamics, discuss role play, bondage (duh), impact play, golden showers, degradation, tickle play, being a full time slave (I ♥ Rolph), anal, furries, pet play (OMG, I really wanted to pet him!! and his latex catsuit?? so beautiful!!), and more. SO. MUCH. MORE. FUN!

Sometimes I think what I would have done, what I would have been, had I not ended up in my job. You know what? I think would have really enjoyed being a Dominatrix. Maybe even in NY, like Aleta Cai (real life example: BOOK REVIEW: PRO-DOMME BY ALETA CAI)!

It’s cute, funny, witty, open-minded, and although I am pretty sure it’s far from reality (and underplays Tiff and Pete’s financial struggles), it’s a much needed step towards normalising kink and fetish. As always, trailer at the of the page, and here below, I have added some of my favourite quotes from the show. Enjoy!

Just because a dominatrix's life is hard, doesn't men you have to be.

Mistress Mira - BONDiNG

Mistress Mira: I remember when i first met you, I thought, “This girl gets it. She could be one of us.” An I invested in you, more so than any other girl that’s come down that hall. And the minute I asserted my authority…
Mistress May: Mm. What did you say? Oh! I think it was, “You’re too good to be this reckless and lazy.” 
Mistress Mira: *chuckles* Was I right?
Mistress May: You had me cleaning the toilets for a week. That’s not domme work.
Mistress Mira: That’s humility. To be a worthy domme, you must first truly understand what it is to be a subordinate. To get what that feels like.

BONDiNG – S2E5: Nanci


BONDiNG – Joe is a client at the dungeon where Mistress May works. Joe likes penguins and wrestling.

Pete (on a date): So, like, tell me about this.
Josh (the date): You’ve never been to a burlesque show?
Pete: All right burlesque is like the thinking man’s go-go dancer. Does that makes sense?
Josh: You are obsessed with sex.
Pete: Says the man who works in a dungeon.
Josh: *imitates whip*
Both: *go back at enjoying the burlesque show*

BONDiNG – S1E5: Double Date


BONDiNG – Rolph and Mistress May

Fred (a client at the dungeon): I told my friends how funny you are.
Carter (Mistress May’s assistant): You tell people about this?
Fred: Yeah. I’m not hurting anybody.
Carter: Mmm. We are. *wicked smile*

BONDiNG – S1E2: Pete Shy

bonding fred

BONDiNG – Mistress May, Carter, and Fred.

Mistress Mira: Being kinky is part of who you are, JP.
JP (client): It’s something that I finally accepted about myself, but…
MM: You’ve got nothing to be ashamed of, pet.
JP: Thank you, Mistress. I wish that my family could see me the way you do.
Both: *look cute, while staring in each other’s eyes*

BONDiNG – S2E6: The Lost Egg

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