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TV review: Sex & the City – Millennial Edition

They live in NY, they work for a fashion magazine, and … they are bold.

the bold type

From left to right:

Aisha Dee: Kat Edison, the social media gal who struggles with her own racial identity (she’s mixed race) and with her own sexuality (erm yeah that too). She’s on a journey to discover herself!

Katie Stevens: Jane Sloan, the writer with big aspirations and zero sexual awakening. She obv ends up having to write about sex, and still searching for her ‘voice’ half-way through season 2. 

Meghann Fahy: Sutton Brady, the fashion gal who kicks ass, has a great sex-life (oh yeah), whose grounded, hardworking, and also a romantic at heart.

Three millennials live in New Yorker… Today. Like TODAY-TODAY. In the times when you wake up with a cappuccinos in your right hand, are trying to smash the patriarchy during the day, smartphones control your life, and you are online 24/7.

At first, I thought the show was about three arrogant, spoiled, and ungrateful girls. Too harsh? Nah. Then I realised they weren’t the problem: I was. I saw them like that because I was projecting my own biases onto them. I was brought up to believe a girl needs to be nice, and sweet, and polite, and never upset anyone, and always, always to be liked. You know, the patriarchy.

The truth? The truth is that they are irreverent, kind, honest, unapologetic (like a young millennial not like a gen z), and absolutely fearless. They care for each other and support one another in their daily lives, and their friendship is really the center of the show. We follow their work-lives at Scarlet magazine, their love-lives in and out of the office, and their daily little (tiny) struggles.

For sure, the show it’s unrealistic in many ways. For starters, I never worked for a fashion magazine, but I am pretty sure you don’t go from concept to publishing in a day. Secondly, I don’t know any Editor-in-Chief who knows every employee, even the junior ones, by name. And lastly, not every single crazy risky idea you have ever had at work turned out to be a success. However, there is one thing I feel The Bold Type does very well, and that is touching complex and taboo topics in a lighthearted way.

I am talking gun control, sexual assault, and cancer. But also female orgasm, no-strings-attached sex, lesbian sex, porn, revenge porn, being WOKE, anxiety, drugs, sexting, job (in)security, domme and subs, bondage, racism, being queer, and freezing your eggs. FUN 🙂

When it comes to the internet and millennials. it's not about the story. It's about the conversation it starts.

Kat - The Bold Type, S02E01: Feminist Army

Oh and if you had any doubt, I am Sutton of course. Trailer below as usual 🙂