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Unconventional romantic comedy anyone?

What if life sucks, and you get a job as a Dominatrix assistant and you fall for your boss?

(because it's always time to normalise kink, BDSM, and unconventional love stories)

Let’s say that you find out that your partner has been cheating on you with your best friend. Then you get kicked out of your apartment, as the lease is on your ex’s name. Then the d*ck head of you boss fires you. What do you do? Simple. You call your best friend, who gets you a job as an assistant to a Dominatrix. 

But what if you fall for your boss? And what if you fall for your boss’ boyfriend?

Well, this heartwarming, cute romantic comedy goes through the dynamics of a break up, dating, a new relationship, poly-amory and more. I would say it’s really cute, and it’s less than an hour and half. Give it a watch 🙂


Trailer below as always.