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Podcast review: Is our love___?

A podcast about love in all of its forms

Tell me about the podcast

This is the Podcast intro you will find online:

In the age of porn on our phones and vibrators around our necks, is the future of love doomed? Sex Educator & Olympian Squirter Lola Jean and Reluctant Sexpert Stephen Penta (former producer of Guys We F**ked Podcast) tow both sides of the line. They are the vigilante sex educators no one asked for, creating the next gen Kama Sutra you deserve.

Let's break that down.

In the age of porn on our phones… this is pretty clear might not need much explaining, but in short ‘at a time when sex is used to sell everything’.

and vibrators around our necks, is the future of love doomed?… this is referring to the beautiful Vesper vibrators (also mentioned on this blog post of mine) and how sex is now commoditised. 

Sex Educator & Olympian Squirter Lola Jean… you read that correctly, she’s a sex educator and Olympian squirter, as she’s the “World Record Holder for Volume Squirting (Solo): 1350mL (25 seconds)” 

and Reluctant Sexpert Stephen Penta (former producer of Guys We F**ked Podcast)… ah! This guy, who produced another podcast, is self-proclaimed sexpert, and he’s definitely reluctant and you will hear why in the podcast.

tow both sides of the line… this I think it’s a reference to them being of the opposite sex.

They are the vigilante sex educators no one asked for,… exactly that, to be honest, I was looking for a fresh perspective. But I guess a straight cis woman and a sort of bi cis man (both Caucasian) will do.

creating the next gen Kama Sutra you deserve… possibly overstating, but I have to admit their guests are pretty good.

Tell me about the hosts

Lola Jean

Lola is an accomplished sex educator, mental health professional, wrestler, Domme, and World Record Holder for Volume Squirting. She is highly regarded in the NY kink and BDSM community, and her podcast’s guest list is a testament to her well-established connections.
I have attended several of Lola’s online workshops, including Pegging 101, Domming 101, and Dirty Talk, and I have always appreciated her lighthearted and witty approach, combined with a reassuring tone.
However, on the podcast, I occasionally found Lola to be somewhat self-absorbed, despite her repeated acknowledgment that she is always learning. At times, she would interrupt Stephen during discussions of serious topics with small comments for comic relief, which I found poorly timed.
That said, when Lola interviewed Mistresses or Dommes, she was in her element, demonstrating excellent preparation and ease in asking insightful and relevant questions.
Occasionally, she would digress from the conversation, but these tangents often revealed valuable nuggets of knowledge from her guests. Although her tone could be somewhat condescending at times, it never went overboard.

Stephen Penta

Stephen is a former producer of the popular podcast “Guys We F**ked” and a reluctant sex expert. He is involved in various projects and has had relationships with some high-profile partners, including award-winning pornographic actress, actress, model, and writer, Stoya. Interestingly, I across Stoya after she appeared in the first episode of “Hot Money” by the Financial Times (which I reviewed).
During the podcast, I found Stephen to be highly articulate and consistently polite to his guests. He asked thoughtful and open-ended questions while maintaining a calm, friendly demeanor.
His tone of voice provided a comforting presence throughout each episode and added depth to the conversations and the stories shared by his guests.

Tell me how many episodes are there

As of March 2023, there are 64 episodes of the podcast available; however, the most recent episode was published in November 2020. It guess the hosts have moved on to new ventures, and the podcast may have come to an end (at least for now).

Personally, I find this refreshing since it alleviates the pressure of keeping up with new episodes regularly, allowing me to enjoy the existing content whenever I feel like 🙂

Tell me about the episodes

Something I particularly enjoyed was the cute jingle that served as a theme song. It sang about the various forms of love, both messy and beautiful, before introducing the hosts and providing a brief overview of the podcast.

However, I did notice in the first episode (and throughout) that the hosts sometimes assumed that listeners were familiar with the context and backgrounds of the guests and themselves, without providing proper introductions. Guys, not all listeners are based in the US or NY for the matter. On a positive note, the podcast touched upon an important issue that had me thinking: the accessibility of sex education in contrast to the ever-increasing accessibility of pornography. This is a critical topic that should be at the forefront of discussions in today’s world. Unfortunately, the US is becoming more and more conservative, contradicting what society really needs. I digress, let’s get back to topic.

The podcast covers broad subjects, features excellent guests, and has a straightforward format. I loved that they invited industry colleagues from diverse backgrounds, such as a Person of Color to discuss the fetishization of black men in porn and alternative London Dominatrixes to explore different Domming styles.

Overall, the podcast presents an open and curious perspective, with the goal of normalizing all forms of love and sexuality.

Tell me about your favourite episodes

Well if you really want to know… Here are some of my favourite episodes 🙂

One of my favourite episodes was Is this love..? With Adreena Angela. I have seen Adreena at events in London, but never met her in person. She’s a rather prominent sex worker in London, she owns her own dungeon and manages it.

I thought the episode was very good, with a great balance between the hosts and guest’s voice. You could tell that Adreena was very relaxed and opened.

I have to admit she sounded so sweet and caring, not what I imagined her to be at all! I found her to be very personable, and next time I bump into her at a party I might pull the courage to say hi.

Another one of my favourite episodes was the Is Our Love A Male Dom? with Master Peter. I personally met Peter on a few occasion at parties and events in London, and also wrote about him on this blog post (scroll to the bottom where you will find a section dedicated to him). I simply could not miss his interview, and I admit, I really enjoy it. 

Master Peter is calm, gentle, and a feminist at heart. Being a white cisgender male coming from a very well educated background, he know he’s very privileged, yet he truly understands that and never takes advantage of it.

He’s also just very pleasant to listen to, because of his calm and even tone of voice (I do like that in a person). I found that both, the hosts and Peter, were able to approach topics like feminism and privilege in a thoughtful way.

Lastly, another one of my favourite was Is Our Love Patient? with Mistress Eva Oh. I once met her at a Pedestal party, and she was pretty much like I imagined her to be: firm yet understanding, a little scary but also so very magnetic. I wrote about her in the past as she also run a podcast: Safeword (podcast review here). In this episode, Lola did a fantastic job at explaining and relate to a sex worker job, getting the best out of the guest. 

I loved this episode as Mistress Eva explains the asshole tax concept. Let’s elaborate on that. Traditionally, everyone knows that fees are different depending on what service you offer and how much effort you put in it. In short, if you are doing something more physically demanding, you charge more to compensate for the effort you are putting into it. But what if you are very in-demand, and your emotional workload increases, while your fees stay the same? Well, the asshole tax is when you flex your compensation to match the emotional burden demanded by your clients.

Well, the asshole tax is when you flex your compensation to match the emotional burden demanded by your clients.

I personally find it great to see sex workers advocating for fair compensation for all the work they do.

After all, you should not just be compensated for your physical hard labour, but also for the emotional one that a relationship with a sub (that is far from perfect) really costs you.

It’s definitely worth a listen, but I would say to pick the ones that have the guests you like or the topic you are interested in.

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