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Latex news: Latex for Gaga – UPDATED

Like everyone else (right?), I love Lady Gaga. So I thought I would share some of my fav outfits she wore recently 🙂 starting with… 


One of my top favourite latex brand, William Wilde! Gaga wore this dress in one of the ads for the cruelty free and vegan beauty brand: HAUS LABORATORIES.

EDIT (21/09/20): I have just found out that the dress wore by Lady Gaga on this ad was not a dress but a top! Actually two different tops 🙂 and here they are:  

lady gaga
lady gaga
lady gaga
lady gaga
lady gaga

Although Lady Gaga did not wear this dress, I thought I would keep it here anyway cuz it’s so preeeeeeeeeeetty 🙂

william wilde latex dress altar neck black
william wilde

Breakdown of the clothes by LA MAISON GAGA, check out her blog!



“For me, the message behind ‘Stupid Love’ is important and timely because there’s nothing more powerful than love to heal the world,”
Gaga told Zane Lowe. “We all deserve it and need it to survive.”

Do you remember that pink outfit that Gaga wore on her Stupid Love video?? Just wanna say, pink is not my favourite color, but I can totally make an exception for that outfit ♥

Clothes are from Vex Latex, and outfit breakdown by LA MAISON GAGA.