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Would you like to get to know me?

UK Leather & Fetish Archive is an IG channel documenting and providing open access to the history of fetish, kink & BDSM in the UK.

Right now, they are leading a survey for the fetish community; so I thought I would share the questionnaire and responses (from yours truly) with you 🙂

Name: Kinky Tiger
Gender: She/Mistress
When and where were you born? Italy, 1980s

When did you first realise you were kinky?

“This might sound odd, but the first time I realized I was kinky was while watching Elvira Mistress of the Dark; I must have been 12 at the time, and since I didn’t really understand it, I had to wait until adulthood to break that down.”


What are your favourite fetishes and why do you enjoy them?

“Latex, teasing, light bondage, and being in control. I always thought latex was a wonderful material: shiny, elastic, vegan, and above all, sexy. I loved teasing, light bondage, and being in control as part of my unruly nature. I was born in a small town and my future was pretty much written at birth. Most of my cohort is married with kids and have a normal job back in my hometown. However, I didn’t feel like I identified with that lifestyle, so at 19 yo I left home and decided to start a journey into getting to know the most important person in my life: myself.”


Have or are you involved in the scene? What clubs/events have you attended? Did you enjoy them?

“I have attended mostly Torture Garden and Killing Kittens events, however I am still very interested in exploring more. I enjoyed the excitement, the crowd, its open-mindedness (is that a word?), and the vibe of a place which has no shame in being who it truly is.”

Disclaimer: some NSFW in the page.

Would you like to contribute too? Follow the instructions in the below ig post and take part today:

Has kink/fetish been a part in your professional life?

“It never has been, unfortunately. Therefore, to remedy that, I decided to start a blog late last year, and post about fetish-related topics. I write about pretty much anything fetish, fashion, BDSM workshops, photographers, TV shows, and more; it’s just my little, creative space.


Has kink/fetish formed a part of your personal/social relationships?

I have often been in relationships where I openly discussed my interests in the fetish world, however I’m yet to find a partner who is completely on board with that part of my life. I’m recently single, so I plan to explore more of that this year, on Fet Life, at online events, and more, until the in-person events start again.”


How has fetish changed since you’ve been involved?

“Massively, I feel like it’s now really making headlines. Or maybe it’s me noticing that more? I see latex, harnesses, and overall fetish-wear featured on music videos more frequently. I see actors and actresses talking more and more about kink and consent (two things that are intrinsically bound to one another) in the news. I see the masses slowly uncovering bit by bit the haze covering the fetish scene to understand more and more every day; and slowly realizing it’s nothing to be afraid of, but something to embrace.”