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Movie review: Love & Leashes

Watched this movie a while ago and thought it was so very cute, completely forgot to write about it. Better late than never right?

Bored, and looking for a cute wholesome BDSM movie to watch?

Look no further!

This Korean film is a very cute and wholesome romantic comedy. It’s about two co-workers who enter a contractual relationship as partners as Dom and sub. 

The contract signed by both of the colleagues is about pleasure and pain, and highlights rules, dynamics, consensual play, and frequency. However the movie is about so much more, it’s love and (yes, I am going to say it) leashes, and work challenges, and kinky friends.

I simply adored the two protagonists: their open-mindness, the care they have for each other, and the vulnerability they show. Their journey is so dream-like, and something that a part of me probably envies a little. I thought that sometimes she makes some unrealistic statements and expectations of what a Master/Mistress should be like, but I guess it’s also part of the vibe of the movie (She can do nothing wrong, she’s like a superhero!).

I also do think that guys who look embarrassed and are flustered are simply the cutest, and I find them very attractive. He’s literally like a very cute puppy ♥

So yeah, my opinion on the movie might be a little bias 🙂

Trailer below as usual!