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Party review: Reverse launch party

A new party for those into Role Reversal

This last October, I had the privilege of attending an extraordinary event that challenged conventional norms and flipped the script on traditional party dynamics: the Reverse launch party!

Reverse was born last October through the collaborative efforts of a few kinksters. The idea aimed to explore role reversal and inclusivity within the kink and sex party scene. The party’s core theme focused on providing a space where men could freely embrace their sensuality, be objectified, and revel in their desires, all without the pressures of humiliation or forced ‘sissification’.

So, how did it all come together?

The spark for this event came from Laura, a fellow kinkster. One evening at a Premier Inn, while watching the movie ‘Hustlers’, a simple thought ignited a revolution in their mind – “What if the roles were reversed?”

This sparked the idea for a party that challenged norms: men being admired, objectified, and showcased, while women took control and reveled in the admiration (without the degradation side of things). It was about crafting an experience that resonated more closely with a non-binary identity.

Ok, for sure, London has got SO MANY diverse parties. But remember when I wrote about finding one that truly matches your vibe? (JTKC PART 4: PICK A KINKY PARTY THAT WORKS FOR YOU) That’s the real challenge.

Traditional FemDom events often lean towards high femme and a level of cruelty that doesn’t necessarily resonate with everyone, especially Laura’s preferences. In fact, I also absolutely love FemDom, but the humiliation and cruelty aspects just don’t do it for me.

Given Laura’s inclination towards a more masculine presentation and a strong embrace of a dominant role, they embarked on a quest to find a space where they could feel comfortable.

After discussions with friends, the idea of setting up their own event emerged. Soon after, Miss Jayne joined in to help organise, while Hannah provided support with styling and artistic direction, taking the role of Creative Lead.

Next step was secure a venue and promote the event!

Not knowing how popular it would have been, it was difficult to figure out a location for it. Also, London is becoming increasingly more difficult for kinky events organisers, as the limitations from the local councils only increase year on year.

Luckily, the three partners figured out a venue and then started promoting it on our own kinky group chat and through IG (make sure you go to munches and learn about events going on – SOCIAL REVIEW: MUNCHES IN LONDON). It was a success! And it was sold out. WOOP WOOP. 

What about the event?

On the night, the idea of this event came to life and it was awesome. An atmosphere where expectations were refreshingly reversed, a vibe that embraced diversity, inclusivity, and a new feeling of liberation of sexual expression, especially geared towards men, without constraints.

Reverse was my first play party, and what an introduction! Had a great time and felt very safe. I was really eager to get along after hearing about it through various chat forums and fell in love with the concept put forward by the organisers. It was really lovely to feel admired and put my (lap) dancing to good use!


The party was a blast. Men pranced around in skimpy outfits (just how I like it!), showing off for women and non-binary individuals to admire and desire. It was a celebration of diversity, empowerment, and a pioneering step towards reshaping the norms within the kink and sex party community.

And the best thing? There might be more where it came from! 

Such a fun night out! Was excited to know I didn't have to tart up and be especially fem (Honestly, suspect I was the most modestly dressed of the night! Top -jacket was from Wings Vintage).

Green Velvet, 36 (they/she)

At the party, if you presented as female, you were given Daddy Money to spend on ‘services’ by the male identifying guests. Whether you wanted a lap dance, or a hand massage, or whatever, you could ‘pay for their services’. Such a cool idea 🙂 

(Obviously all parties needed to consent to whatever activity was decided).

Want to attend the next one?

Some dates were just announced the other day, for a social and for a party. Follow their IG account and find out more! – REVERSE PARTY

I might see you there 🙂