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Podcast review: Ginsult

Whether you are going for a walk, running errands, or doing something I would never do (like exercise for instance), it’s always good to have a podcast to listen to. Especially if the podcast is run by two of London’s biggest Burlesque performers, who (like the rest of us) are stuck at home more often than not due to covid-circumstances: Tempest Rose & Lolo Brow.   

You might remember Tempest Rose from my article BURLESQUE: SOME HISTORY.

Tempest Rose is an international star working in the world of Burlesque since 2007, when the revival was starting to take root in London’s then underground art scene. She funded House of Burlesque (HOB) and, with her vision and belief in Burlesque as an art form, she made it the UK’s top burlesque production house. Her style is full of flare, classic references, feminist vibes, and tons of glitter. She has often spoken on burlesque’s positive contribution to body image and celebration of the female mind and body. HOB’s linktree here.


Lolo Brow is a Drag Queen Sideshow nut and Lizard Lady (her words, not mine) who has worked at the forefront of Neo-Burlesque since 2010. Not only does she have award winning comedy burlesque acts under her bra, Brow is also well known for her deep political interest, diverse skills ranging from fire to whips and lack of morality (again, her words, not mine 🙂 ). Lolo’s linktree here.


Being forced to take a sabbatical by a pandemic is not easy. Especially if you love your job like these two badasses. However Tempest and Lolo made the most of it by creating something unique in its genre

It all started with a Instalive event on Tuesdays, part of the Quarantease (yes, that’s the name, no typo). Tempest, Lolo, and a few other burlesque performers entertained the viewers with quick-wit, sexy shows, and some good, much needed, LOLs.

On June 5th, they started recording their chats, and recorded the very first episode: “Burlesque backstage backchat with Tempest Rose and Lolo Brow. Except it’s not backstage, it’s a podcast… because we are unemployed”.

On June 9th Ginsult Podcast was born and the very first official episode was live, edited by Rich.

From then onward, it was ON. They didn’t shy away from any topic. With their first podcast covering the ‘creative process’, they soon dived into ‘glue vs tape’ for holding nipple tassels on, period, body image, costuming pet peeves, alter egos, mental health, to one of my favourite: RAGE TANK. You gotta listen to it, it’s hard to describe.

Their chemistry works so well, Tempest with her deep knowledge of the industry and seasoned experience, and Lolo with her …well.. with her very edgy and controversial comebacks!

One of my favourite quotes is from Lolo, from Episode 10 ‘Secret IdenTitty AKA Alter Egos’. Here it is: 

If I didn’t have that introduction to burlesque, I wouldn’t have been introduced to drag, I wouldn’t have been introduced to kink, so I wouldn’t even be involved in the BDSM world, or anything like that. Which means I would be having the sex I was having before that, and that scares me. No. No. No, no, no. So it’s like, I would probably be, I'll be honest, I would probably be in an abusing heterosexual relationship. That’s really scary. Cause the tendencies I have to fall into abusing relationships have been broken and unlearnt due to the processes that I have gone through with burlesque.

Lolo Brow

I am just gonna let that one sink in for you. And add a post I wrote about consent and kink not long ago.

You’re just saying that nudity isn’t sexy, and that the only reason people associate it with sexiness it’s because it’s been sold as an idea of secrecy, exclusivity, and the idea that when someone sees you naked you lose power, therefore the beholder gains power. That’s not sexiness that’s power play. It’s very very different. But because of the male gaze and patriarchy idea of sexiness, we are just taking a pass of vulnerability, the power play element does come into the nudity thing, so it’s a mismatch of things. Therefore, you see someone naked, and: vulnerable.

Lolo Brow

Overall, I thought it was a brilliant podcast, not just funny and witty, but very informative, with real depth to it, making you fall in love with the burlesque scene, episode by episode. Thank you ladies ♥

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