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Podcast review: Off the Cuffs

It’s amusing to know I listen to kink podcasts on a train, surrounded by commuters, completely unaware… 

Off the Cuffs: a Kink & BDSM Podcast, for those in the lifestyle and those who are curious.

What is the podcast about?

Each week, hosts Dick Wound, minimus maximus, Lexual Romance, and Bidaily sit down for a discussion with or without a guest. They cover topics such as their journey into kink, scenes they’ve been involved in, specific kinks and fetishes, and the importance of consent and communication. Episodes tackle the entire spectrum of kink, from the sensual to the sadistic, from the erotic to the wholesome, and from the bizarre to the vanilla. The podcast is part of Podcast Jukebox: a DIY Podcast Network.

How did it come about?

It started off in 2016 with a small circle of friends around a kitchen table, and since then they have grown into a top-ranked kink podcast in the US, reaching listeners all over the world. They have fostered a community that helps people feel connected, supported, and accepted in all aspects of their sexuality.

Off the Cuffs a Kink & BDSM Podcast

Who are they?

Dick Wound, co-host, had a rather unusual life. After having a heart attack at a young age, he started a journey of self exploration. He begun to fight his fears and rediscover past fantasies, see sex in a new light, role-play, kink, and BDSM. Dick has a penchant for the darker and unusual, including fantasies of his own death, being dominated by robots, seductive alien encounters, and more. All seasoned with his devious sense of humor.

minimus maximus, co-host, is a BDSM educator and activist, who has been active in the kink community for 20+ years. On the podcast he shares many stories about his own exploration in masculine submission, and his unusual upbringing. max was raised in a cult, and moved around a lot; this also meant that he didn’t have much structure in life, which may have influenced his desire for authority.

Lexual Romance “Lexi”, co-host, pursued visual arts for much of her youth while battling anxiety and depression. Very early into her kink career she experienced some negative encounters which, instead of driving her away from kink, led her to learn more and gave her the strength to help others too. Lexi is constantly exploring her kinks for power play, humiliation, and sadism throughout the show. Also she’s very knowledgeable about sex toys. and dedicate her spare time to review them.

Gwen “Bidaily”, co-host, marketing, and booking. She was brought up in a conservative Christian community, and suffered mental health issues in her youth. This mainly stemmed from suppressing her own desires and needs. She began a self-discovery journey when going away to college. Gwen started working through her internalized shame and started accepting her authentic self; this inspired her to learn everything there is to know about kink and grow within the lifestyle.

How many episodes are there? 

There are almost 300 episodes, some discussing specific topics, some with interviews, some are crossover episodes. This podcast is weekly, and they often appear on other podcasts too, so there is even more content. Check it out!

Find out more on their official website

Kinky AF, quirky, geeky, and sweet ♥

The hosts are just such a cool bunch of kinksters, I feel like I would love to grab a pint with them at the pub! Their podcasts are educational, funny, silly, and have some really cool references to cult TV shows and movies 🙂

I strongly recommend a listen, their episodes are all so different and you learn something new with every episode. Worth it to hear a completely different perspective, it’s very mind-opening.

Download them noooooow