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Podcast review: S&M Chronicles

I started going back to the office again, which means that I have more time to listen to kinky podcasts on my commute! YAY! 

The S&M Chronicles: A Kink Podcast

What is the podcast about?

This podcast is about two New Yorkers, “S” and “M”, and their journey into the BDSM scene. In each episode, S and M dissect and discuss their own very personal experiences – What we did this month! – as well as address specific topics relevant to kink, sex, and relationships. Some of the episodes are pretty generic, and some focus on specific topics as well as answering listeners mail. 

Who are “S” and “M”?

S and M are very private and keep their identity a secret, but what we know is that they identify as cisgender female, they are in their 20s, and they live in NY. S is a masochist who loves the punishment dynamic, and M is a sadist with switch tendencies. Both are on FetLife, where you can find more info, and their usernames are @_painslut for S and @BlueJazmine for M. 

How many episodes are there? 

As of today there are 14 episodes, which might not seem a lot, but they average out to about an hour each. This podcast used to be monthly, although the hosts have gone a little quiet since covid. Also S was guest at another kink podcast, Off the Cuffs.. which I will try to write about soon!

Fun, sexy, educational, and hawt ♥

S&M are both very very very open about their experiences, absolutely, and undoubtedly non-judgemental and inclusive. The podcast is a fun listen, they share many details of their personal experiences, as well as have guest over to provide different perspectives. Strong on consent, it’s a fresh and such a great take on the NY BDSM scene.

Many hours of kinky chats, def recommend a listen! 

One of my fav episode is E4 – Kink, Beyond Stereotypes.
It’s a nice different perspective on the kink scene and some of the characters, particularly their take on 50 Shades of Grey… give it a listen!

The S&M Chronicles is available on: