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Podcast review: S&M Chronicles

I started going back to the office again, which means that I have more time to listen to kinky podcasts on my commute! YAY! 

The S&M Chronicles: A Kink Podcast

What is the podcast about?

This podcast is about two New Yorkers, “S” and “M”, and their journey into the BDSM scene. In each episode, S and M dissect and discuss their own very personal experiences – What we did this month! – as well as address specific topics relevant to kink, sex, and relationships. Some of the episodes are pretty generic, and some focus on specific topics as well as answering listeners mail. 

S&M Chronicles

Who are “S” and “M”?

S and M are very private and keep their identity a secret, but what we know is that they identify as cisgender female, they are in their 20s, and they live in NY. S is a masochist who loves the punishment dynamic, and M is a sadist with switch tendencies. Both are on FetLife, where you can find more info, and their usernames are @_painslut for S and @BlueJazmine for M. 

How many episodes are there? 

As of today there are 14 episodes, which might not seem a lot, but they average out to about an hour each. This podcast used to be monthly, although the hosts have gone a little quiet since covid. Also S was guest at another kink podcast, Off the Cuffs.. which I will try to write about soon!

Fun, sexy, educational, and hawt ♥

S&M are both very very very open about their experiences, absolutely, and undoubtedly non-judgemental and inclusive. The podcast is a fun listen, they share many details of their personal experiences, as well as have guest over to provide different perspectives. Strong on consent, it’s a fresh and such a great take on the NY BDSM scene.

Many hours of kinky chats, def recommend a listen! 

One of my fav episode is E4 – Kink, Beyond Stereotypes.
It’s a nice different perspective on the kink scene and some of the characters, particularly their take on 50 Shades of Grey… give it a listen!

The S&M Chronicles is available on:

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