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Are we getting kinkier?

Last post of 2021!!

The other day I came across a very interesting article by Vice on how demand for UK fetish clubs is now higher than ever, and thought… why is that?

Right before the pandemic I came out of a LTR and, since I had to give up the kink scene for a long time due to my previous partner being vanilla, I just couldn’t wait to get back into it!

I started with a couple of events (a kink friendly fancy dress for adults Rumpus and a sex positive hot tub party by KK), Then lockdown happened *sad face* and had to put kinky events on hold once more… (you might have noticed how I binged a ton of kinky-and-non TV).

Over the past few months, as restrictions laxed and I got my second dose of vaccine, I went back and attended many kinky events. While mingling with the guests I noticed that, in comparison to before lockdown, the usual ratio of 60/40 of regulars vs newbies was now inverted. That’s right, every time I attended an event, the guests attending were in large newbies, with fewer regulars than before.

So my questions now are… is the pandemic making us kinkier? do we feel more liberated now than we did before? do we now care less of what other thinks? is attending a kink event something that we always wanted to do and now we have th it’s-now-or-never feeling? is it because things are (almost) getting back to normal and we no longer want to postpone our kinks? are people are more open? is it because kink there is less of a stigma than it used to in being kinky?

I don’t have the answers, only more questions… but whatever the case might be, I am glad this is happening 🙂

But what did Vice think of this trend?

Vice suggested that kink has been on the rise for a few years now. This is because education and information are becoming more readily available online and other trends are lessening deviant taboos.

Furthermore, with society living going through a pandemic and a more-hostile-than-usual environment, we are looking to unwind in open and friendly spaces. Such as those hosted by kinky events.

They went ahead and interviewed a few attending guests at a KV party and collated a lovely article. I pulled out some quotes here below, and link to the article further down the page. I hope you enjoy it!

One of the main things that I see about fetish clubs particularly is that a lot of people choose to come here, even if they’re not interested in kink, because it’s very safe.

Miss Moira May, 24 - Guest at KV

Since I’ve been coming here, I have felt an acceptance I’ve never felt before in my life. I feel accepted for who I am, and I feel like I can tell anyone anything and they’re just, like, okay with it, or can relate. It’s really liberating, even as a submissive.

Layla, 23 - Guest at KV

I’ve been hesitant with myself in the past. I’ve been unsure of myself. But the more I’ve learnt about myself, the easier it’s been to go ‘I’m into this, and that’s okay!’ The more I became confident in myself, the more I’ve became comfortable with expressing myself.

Wolf, 25 - Guest at KV

Full article available on Vice – Demand for UK Fetish Clubs Is Higher Than Ever.

EDIT: Adding a couple of other articles here that were published after I wrote this blog post:

This is all for 2021, with you all a lovely Winter Break, whether you celebrate Christmas or now, or whether you spend it with friends, family, or colleagues 🙂

All the best and let’s hope for an even better 2022.