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Social Review: Munches in London

Let's talk Munches in London!

First blog post of 2022.. yay! 🙂

After my post on Munches: dos and don’ts, where I covered what a munch is and where to find them, I wanted to review some of the London munches to hopefully inspire you this 2022.

I thought I would call out a few I attended over the last year, so here are some brief summaries. I covered format, size, location, etc, so you can get an idea of what to expect. I hope it will help you get a sense of what a munch looks/feels like.

Wimbledon Munch

I found the Wimbledon Munch on FL (FetLife, more here) while searching for munches in London. This is an evening gathering, taking place in the neighborhood on a Tuesday once a month, and it has been running since 2017 with about 8-10 events per year (aside of Covid-19 cancellations).

I wasn’t sure about going because I had work the day after, so I put myself down as a Maybe. Shortly after registering my interest, one of the organiser reached out and kindly let me know who the other organisers were, and shared further details on the event. I instantly felt welcome, and after very little hesitation, I decided to go.

As soon as I arrived to the bar, one of the organisers (who btw wore badges, so very easy to spot!) came over to greet me and introduce me to some of the guests. The event had a very friendly vibe, started early in the evening, and continued until late.

I met a couple of new people and discovered about some other local kink-friendly events and venues. I have attended it a couple of times, and since it’s a fairly small one with around 20-25 people. I thought it was intimate enough to be able to talk to everyone throughout the evening, so definitely will try to attend more regularly.

Overall, it was very well organised munch. It has a group on FL with rules and recommendations, listing for the upcoming dates, and even a mascot that attends all events – his name is Dave the friendly Dinosaur. Dave is placed on the table so that first timer can instantly spot the right group of guests!

Balham Munch

I have heard about the Balham Munch from some friends, and I thought of checking it out. This munch used to run on a Tuesday, however as of October it now runs on a Wednesday, once a month. 

As usual, I reached out to the organisers and arranged for a meet and greet. I arrived at the pub, and the whole Ballroom area upstairs was reserved for the munch, as well as a smaller area downstairs for the smokers. I have to admit, that was a pretty large munch, I would say there were more than 50 people there, with a very large age bracket.

The organisers were both super easy to spot, both wearing top hats, so I walked to one of them and introduced myself. Right away he welcomed me and made some introductions to some of the people at the table with him.

What can I say? Another great munch to attend! Friendly crowd, easy going, nice bar (there was one upstairs as well as the downstairs one), and so easy to get to! 

Week Day Femme Domme Munch

Another evening gathering, taking place in the North West London monthly, on a weekday (depending on Covid-19 restrictions), in a local pub.

This munch has a theme: FemDom (short for Femme Domme); meaning that it’s primarily for people who are into, or interested in female domination. Although of course, anyone can attend regardless of their kink, age, gender, sexual preferences, or experience level, a large portion of the attendees will be made of female Dommes and male subs.

As I am into FemDom myself, I was really keen on going, even thou it was a school night. A few days before, I reached out to the organiser who kindly did intros and made himself available should I need any support while there, which was nice.

After checking the attendees list, I recognised a few of the guests from other events, and thought… let’s go! When I got there, I simply asked if anyone at the entrance knew one of the organisers of the ‘social gathering’, and someone welcomed me, and took me to him right away – don’t you just love kinky people?

On my way to meet the organiser I bumped into some friends, and after some greetings here and there, I ended up spending the evening chatting and catching up Managed to make my way home at a reasonable time too. This event is on the larger side, with about 50-70 guests both inside and in the garden bit area; I have attended it a couple of times now, and it was pretty consistent in attendance. 

Weekend Femme Domme Munch

Similarly to the Week Day Femme Domme Munch, this evening gathering takes place in a cosy pub in Central London on a Saturday. Much smaller in size compared to the previous one, with about 20-30 attendees at most. This worked well if you are the more introverted type and don’t really love big crowds (yay for me!), as you can more easily walk the room or take a sit in the couch area.

Great place if you are into FemDom, since most of the people there are into, or interested in female domination. As usual, the organiser – who is a lovely guy – is always near the entrance and very happy to make intros as you walk in. I do recommend a visit!

Putney Munch

The other day, while chatting to a friend, she mentioned the Putney Munch so I thought of popping by. This one is also held monthly, on a weekday, in a lovely pub near the river. 

I arrived seriously late because I needed a burger, and no one can get in the way of me and a burger. When I got there, the party was well underway. I ask at the bar for the booking under the organiser’s name and quickly realised that majority of the people at the pub were there for the munch.

The organiser welcomed me to the group and introduced me to a few of the guests; unfortunately my friend had already left, so I had to make new friends! yay! 🙂 The pub was cosy and had a small but nice beer garden, with plenty of seating space. The crowd was pretty mixed, with some of the usual suspect and some new kinksters.

I have also attended this a couple of times now, and it’s a good size, with around 20-25 guests or so. As with most munches, a big chunk of the crowd was there for their first time. Definitely another great munch to attend, highly recommend.

Mac & Cheese Munch

I’ll admit it, I’m a big fan of mac and cheese. So when I found out that there was a Mac Cheese Munch which also had Mac, a fluffy cheese cube as mascot, I had to check it out. 

I only attended it once, I joined the first one since Covid-19, and it took place at the Stratford shopping center (not that one, the other one across the road, built in the 70s). I arrived pretty on time as I went straight after work, and the crowd was easy to spot as I recognised some friendly faces.

Although we didn’t have a table reserved, and the place wasn’t big, we found a table relatively quickly in the food court. We ordered our mac and cheese, and sat down for a chat. 

This Mac & Cheese Munch takes place on different venues, depending on availability and cheese options. After dinner, it’s custom to move the munch to a pub near by, and so we did, and we went to the local one picked by the organiser.

The mac and cheese was nice, the pub was homey, and overall it was a good night. Thou since Stratford it’s miles away from where I live, I had to leave pretty early.. might try going there again at some point.

LSM Munch & U35 Munch

This time I went on a bender. First I attended the LSM Munch and then I stayed for the U35 Munch, one after the other one, from afternoon to evening.

These munches were both held in the same venue, a stunning grade II listed public house, called the Cittie Of Yorke. This pub, rebuilt in 1920s, is located on a site that have hosted pubs since 1430. It’s an absolutely gorgeous venue, and there is a beautiful fireplace in the middle of the room near the bar, and some really cool Victorian-style huddles. The pub made its own Pimms as they are owned by a Brewery, and it was delicious, so …yay for me!

The LSM – London Social Munch – was different from the usual munches I attend. It give me major dads-vibe (not exactly the kind of vibe I’m into) and it was mostly made up of middle age male kinksters. I had just arrived, but I was thinking of staying only for a drink as I didn’t fancy the crowd as much (my survival instincts generally make safe choices). However, a couple of my friends walked in, and turned the evening around 🙂  *

The U35 started shortly after, and I decided to stay for a little longer. Most of the older gents crowd made its way out, and a more younger gen started filling the room. Lots and lots of first timers that day, friendly crowd and lovely Pimms. Will definitely try and attend again the U35, particularly as the venue is just SO beautiful. Ans so was the crowd.

There are also other munches, focusing on specific fetishes, like tattoos, or beards, or ropes, oor age brackets like the U25 or U35 (under 25 yo, etc), or non binary, or bi and trans munches, or different lifestyle and relationship types, like the poly or the swinger munches; and there is even a boardgames munch, which I really want to attend at some point (find more on FetLife)!

Here below are the general rules I listed in my previous post, just as a refresher.

General rules (applicable to most munches):

  • Rule number one: don’t be a dick. 
  • Munches are not places where you pick up kinksters – these events are for socialising 
  • No fancy dress, kinky, or fetish clothing – just wear whatever you would normally wear.
  • Read the rules for each event, you will find them on the FL group – these might have tips to help you recognise the group (whether it’s a mascot, or a badge, or an armband, or a poster, or all the above, etc.).
  • Confirm your attendance on FL, it’s a courtesy to the organisers who make the booking.
  • When you arrive, don’t ask things like: ‘is this the kinky people gathering?’ – don’t be a creep.
  • If you are not sure of where to go, ask at the bar for the monthly meeting/social or the booking under the organisers’ names.
  • Stay safe! Like you would do with any other place, be aware of your surrounding – previously I wrote ‘I feel safer in a fetish club than a bar’, and that’s absolutely 100% true, but there are still weirdos out there, so take care of yourself.

If you are in doubt, or worried about anything at all, reach out to the organisers or attending kinksters to find out more. if the first organiser you message doesn’t respond, try the second etc; please bear in mind not everyone logs onto FL daily.

Now fly my pretties! Fly! …. and again, happy 2022!!

* Small note as of 22/01/22: I have been advised by the LMS Munch organiser that, the one time I attended, there was a particularly unbalanced male/female ratio. However in January 2022 the ratio was slightly more balanced, with 1/3 female attendees. Also they recently changed the day, so it’s held on the second Saturday of the month (instead of the first) in order to attract more of the U35s Munch crowd, that follows.