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Party review: Valentines at Torture Garden

Some NSFW further down the page. 

Celebrating Valentines at world's famous TG

Because after the Halloween, I needed another fix, so I went again for Valentines!

You might remember about my blog post from November last year. I went to one of the Torture Garden Halloween parties with a couple of friends and wrote a pretty extensive review (EVENT REVIEW: HALLOWEEN AT TORTURE GARDEN).

The night out was much focused on sightseeing, checking out the shows, and catching up with friends. That meant that I did not make a trip to the dungeons, so I promise myself I would check them out at some point.

Last February, I went to one of their S. Valentines parties at Electrowerkz for a little playtime. I know this review is a little belated, but in my defence, I went on holiday shortly after and completely forgot to write. 

Of course, in this blog post, I am going to focus on the dungeon since I covered everything else on the other one. 

Let's talk Dungeon!

On the middle floor of the venue, which is a really long room with access on both ends, they set up the Dungeon. Pretty close to the bar and stairs to go up to the cloakroom or down to the courtyard.

The Dungeon space used up most of the room, leaving a corridor that was cordoned off on one of longer sides, for people to walk from one to the other. The entrance to the Dungeon was halfway, and monitored by two Dungeon Monitors (DMs).

There were also another couple of DMs within the space, making sure everyone was ok, and managing the flow of people in and out of the space. I know one of DMs personally, and he’s just the loveliest person ever. So I went up to him to say hi that night.

I thought there was a good balance gender-wise between the staff, and I found them to be easily recognisable with their armbands and uniforms.

Let’s take a look at the room. The edges of the room were very clear, on the other side of the wall there were long benches. These were like the ones form a church, in dark wood, with a low back.

On the benches you had three types of people. The ones who were patiently waiting for their turn, either to use a specific piece of furniture or waiting for a partner. Next you had those who simply wanted to watch from afar, and sat there ever so quietly, they almost blended in with the room. Lastly, you had the ones who got impatience and started playing there and then (because why not).

Some postcards I took with me from that night

In terms of furniture, I thought it was well stocked and the pieces were well-distributed across the length of the room. The furniture’s quality looked pretty good, with heavy frames and leather details. Basically super sturdy, and with very little to none wear and tear.

In the room, there were two St. Andrew’s crosses, located at opposite ends, along with restraints for both wrists and ankles. There was a large bondage bed on one side, complete with a canopy for extra ropes.

In the center, there was a big throne-like chair that I was eager to try, but it was occupied by a couple who were deeply engrossed in each other.

Scattered around the room were a couple of spanking chairs, a medium-sized cage that could accommodate two people, and a bondage horse.

Bondage horse that I like (available on Etsy).

The DMs were very attentive and kept the crowd in order while ensuring the furniture remained clean. They provided wipes and disinfectant for us to use, and topped them up whenever someone was too preoccupied to clean after themselves while moving from one piece of furniture to the next.

I mainly used the St. Andrew’s cross, which was the reason I came to the dungeon in the first place 🙂 I loved that it had cuffs built into it, and a soft leather cushion for my play partner to lean on while we did some impact play, sensations play and light teasing (more about the types of play here).

Overall, it was a great experience, and it’s always thrilling to try something for the first time. Although I felt slightly self-conscious with so many people around me, I quickly realised that most of their attention was directed towards the foursome happening on the nearby canopy bed. LOL.

I would definitely use the cross again, but more for teasing as I still prefer the bench for spanking and general impact play.