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Party review: The Fox Den Winter Wonderland

First party review of 2022!

Wait.. I am getting flashbacks lol

Last August, once things finally opened up, I attended The Fox Den very first party – Victoriana. Which was also my first party of the year. So I thought I would keep traditions going 😀

This time, the theme of the party was Winder Wonderland! Of course the organiser put together a very handy Pinterest board to help us get inspirations going.

The party was held in the same venue as last time, a gorgeous Victorian dispensary built in 1858 in E1, turned luxurious private club. The venue is split on three floors, for the different purposes… let’s take a little walk.

fox den

The party started on the ground floor, where it was in full swing by the time I got there. DJ Kai was playing melodic house for us, just opposite the well-serviced bar.

Shortly after I arrived, some of the performers made their way from the upstairs bedrooms to the lounge on the ground floor. There, they joined us and danced for us on the little stage.

As always, I found a very friendly crowd chilling by the bar, or cozily chatting in the comfy seating areas. Some of the guests were overlooking the stage from the mezzanine above, where a make up artist was turning all of us into real Winter queens and kings.

The House Photographer, Vessi Ves, was there to take portraits and pictures of the event early in the evening. This time I managed to get a couple of snaps with a friend, in the lounge area. For privacy reasons, he mostly takes pictures either around the bar or up the stunning staircase going to the first floor. Of course, if photographs are not your thing, you can always opt for an orange bracelet (available at the entrance) and Vessi Ves will keep you out of the pics.

Next, the dungeons downstairs were available for everyone to explore. The staircase going to the basement led you to a floor with all the facilities you might need. There were toilets, changing rooms, play areas with plenty of kinky furniture (including a sex swing, yay!), lounge spaces with mattresses, a glory wall, and so much more. 

All took place under the watchful eye of the House Domme, Seren Sins. She made sure everyone was on their best behaviour, and delivered punishment to whoever needed it *wicked devil face*.

At the top of the stairs you could find three beautifully decorated playrooms (two of these fully lockable, for those seeking privacy) and a master bedroom with plenty of beds, armchairs, chaise lounges, towels, and so much space to play. 

As per last time, the party was for members only, and to attend you needed to show both your covid pass and a negative lateral flow test. 

Since the theme of the party was Winter Wonderland, and I literally own nothing in white, I had to get a little creative. I managed to put together a Wintery, icy look, with some sequins, see-through top, and some Gypsy Shrine decorations with my make up. Looking at the crowd, I was so well impressed with the other guests’ costumes; everyone looked on point, either in white, blue, pink, and there was so much lace, fur, beautiful headpieces, and sparkles everywhere.

By chance, I bumped into a couple of dear friends, and a few acquaintances from the last party, which made the evening even more lovely! 

Want to attend the next one?

If you are thinking of attending one of the play parties, make sure you apply for a free membership (members must be over the age of 25) and have a read through the code of conduct. If you are unsure about parties you can start with a social, dinner or other easier activities, more here.

Seren Sins
Mistress of Experiences

Seren Sins is an experienced sensual massage therapist, BDSM Pro-Domme and ‘Mistress of Experiences’. She works predominantly with women and couples, and gentlemen upon polite request. She is also an Adult Educator in Sex Positivity, Sexual Intimacy, Alternative Relationships, and BDSM Kink.

Seren is the Event Manager of Skirt Club (Women’s Only Members Club) in the UK and works alongside The UK’s Award Winning Male Dom, Master Peter (I wrote about him here), at a range of fetish and play events in London.

She was voted the ‘Leading Lady of Light’ by Skirt Members on International Women’s Day 2021.

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