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Just for fun: Consent and FRIES

The blog post you didn't know you needed today

The other day, I came across this image, that had two of my favourite things on things on it: consent AND fries!!!

So I thought I would share it and here it is. Consent is like Fries. 

Understanding consent is as easy as FRIES.

Consent is:

  • Freely given. Doing something sexual with someone is a decision that should be made without pressure, force, manipulation, or while drunk or high.
  • Reversible. Anyone can change their mind about what they want to do, at any time. Even if you’ve done it before or are in the middle of having sex.
  • Informed. Be honest. For example, if someone says they’ll use a condom and then they don’t, that’s not consent.
  • Enthusiastic.  If someone isn’t excited, or really into it, that’s not consent.
  • Specific. Saying yes to one thing (like going to the bedroom to make out) doesn’t mean they’ve said yes to others (like oral sex).

Please note that I have covered RACK, SSC, AND PRICK, which are consent practices in The ABC of BDSM. This is simply a different take on the same subject. I have also shared a cool video about consent in WHY I FEEL SAFER IN A FETISH CLUB THAN A BAR, but added it again below for easiness 🙂 Enjoy!