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Podcast review: Glow West

Glow West: a podcast focusing on sex, sexuality, and the body.

What is the podcast about?

Hosted by Dr. Caroline West, this podcast runs more or less weekly. In each episode she interviews academics, sex educators, sex workers, activists, and more to discuss sex, sexuality, and the body. Dr. Caroline West is a real sexpert 🙂

This beautiful sexual wellness podcast is part of the @tortoiseshack network, and it’s fully run in Dublin, Ireland.

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Who is Caroline West?

Dr. Caroline West is a lecturer, writer, media commentator, sexpert and podcast host. She’s the host of the Glow West podcast – which explores sex, sexuality, and the body – and currently works as a sex and relationship expert for Independent, the Elaine Show on Virgin Media One, and Bumble Ireland.

Caroline has done a PhD on the American pornography industry and its stigma, violence, interactions with fans, holds an MA in Sexuality Studies, and is a frequent media commentator on sexuality and feminist related topics.

She’s interested in the relationship between power, sex, and knowledge, and works to reduce shame and stigma around sex in Ireland, where she lives with her partner and dreams of owning far too many sausage dogs one day. 

Find out more about Dr. Caroline West on her official website

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pleasure is not a dirty word

How many episodes are there? 

There are 100+ episodes at the time of writing, some interviewing guests on specific topics, some discussing wider issues within the sex workers industry in Ireland, all of them very educational. 

Give it a listen on Spotify or Apple.

Kind, thoughtful, and so very informative ♥

The host is a true superhost, she’s always prepared for each one of her guests, she is tuned in the topic and the cultural differences (her guests are often international) and she’s just so thorough with her questions. The podcast is educational, informative, and provides a new perspective.

I strongly recommend a listen, particularly if you are interested in learning more about sex work, there are quite a few episodes on the topic. 

Listen to it here.