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Podcast review: Pink Kink

A podcast that dives into the alluring and unconventional side of kink

Tell me about the podcast

It’s been a while since my last podcast review (PODCAST REVIEW: LOVING BDSM). I came across this podcast a while ago, and listened to it on and off. The podcasters are two cisgender women and BDSM practitioners, and one of them own a dungeons. So I had to listen to it as I dream of saving enough money (or win the lottery) and open my own dungeon one day.

This is the Podcast intro you will find online:

Princess Rara and Dara, the Electro Khaleesi invite you on a journey to explore your darkest desires. Join us each week as we delve into the pretty, twisted side of BDSM. We will talk about our own kinky journeys and help you learn how to navigate your way through the fun and crazy world of kink.

Let's explain a little more...

Princess Rara is an experienced and dynamic sadomasochistic switch deeply entrenched in the kink community for nearly a decade, while Dara, aka the Electro Kahleesi, is a seasoned BDSM practitioner with 18 years of experience.

Tell me about the hosts

Princess Rara (the sadomasochistic switch)

Co-host, Princess Rara  started as a domme, moved to bottom, occasionally tops for some friends. She founded the Pink Kink Podcast to educate and guide enthusiasts through the world of alternative lifestyles.

Very actively involved in the community, she fosters a safe, inclusive space locally as a munch host, demo Top, occasional Pro Domme, and host of BDSM play parties (in her dungeon). Committed to empowerment through knowledge, communication, and consent, Princess Rara leaves a lasting impact on the kink community.

Dara aka Electro Kahleesi (the sensual sadist Domme)

Dara specialise in the art of electro play and serves as a sensual sadist, a Domme, and a little. Affiliated with the International Violet Wand Guild for over 6 years, she offers private sessions and personalised lessons in the DC metro area.

Beyond her individual pursuits, Dara, alongside her Daddy/husband, hosts Little and Pet parties at her home, creating a hospitable space for the local kink community to explore and connect. 

Tell me how many episodes are there

As of January 2024, there are about 150+ episodes in their archive.  The first few episodes were very simple and straight forward, I thought the topics were covered well and in details. The format changes a bit down the line, with more interviews and recording done live at dungeons. 

Tell me about the episodes

In the ever-evolving landscape of kink podcasts, this podcast started recording in the early 2021; meaning that some of these episodes show a glimpse into how our world yearn for connection right after the pandemic.

Informative discussions, vibrant personalities, different perspectives and experiences, this podcast brings it all together. Shall we take a look at some of the episodes? I will start with early ones and then give you a bit of a summary at the end.

Episodes 0 and 1: The podcast trailer lasts only a minute, but the real gem is the 17-minute Intro, offering insights into the characters. Love that.

Episode 2 kicks off with BDSM terminology, progressing from types of play to role definitions towards the episode’s end. The following episode delves deeper into BDSM terminology, covering a substantial range. 

In Episode 4, they explore what a scene entails and various types of play, including niche and edge plays involving risky activities like blood, needles, knives, restraints, and breath play. They touch on ‘littles,’ DDlg dynamics, and the Lolita dynamic, which I think I will cover at some point in the future.

Episode 10 unfolds in a dungeon, providing a near-real-time run-through of a scene, complete with negotiations. That provided a cool change of pace. Like that.

Both of the co-hosts have vibrant personalities and discuss everything shamelessly, creating a delightful atmosphere. However. While some episodes deliver valuable information, occasionally I feel like their banter lean towards cheesy, and sounding a bit too know-it-all. They also have a zero-tolerance approach with kink, but that is dependent on their version of it. They talk a lot about the ‘toxic Dom’, which sometime it can get a little tiring (although it provides a good education on red flags).

Despite all of that, the podcast radiates positivity. It emphasise the joy of shamelessly exploring ALL of BDSM. They are enthusiasm shines through, and they have a lovely sense of camaraderie and empowerment for all listeners starting their own journey into the kink world. Yay!

Don’t forget to brush up on safety protocols: ABC of BDSM  (section about WHAT IS RACK, SSC, AND PRICK?). I would always recommending to pick one that best fits your play activities, and stick with it, because remember: if something can go wrong, it will; so you better be prepared.

If you are starting into kink, I would recommend a listen as you would find a lot of episodes informative and relevant. 

Listen here, website here, or follow on IG here