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Podcast review: Safeword

Disclaimer: some mild NSFW middle of the page.

Safeword: A Podcast with Mistress Eva and Dirk Hooper

Time for another podcast review!! In between Stuff to Blow Your Mind and The Guilty Feminist, I love to listen to a kinky podcast … especially while being surrounded by unwittingly commuters on their way to work 🙂 This time, it’s the turn of one of my fav kinky podcasts!

What is the podcast about?

Hosted by Mistress Eva and Dirk Hooper, this podcast covers topics such as BDSM, kink, and fetish. The hosts’ professional (and personal) lives are very much involved in the scene, and this really comes through in their conversations. In the podcast they have real, honest, and very practical conversations about the world of BDSM. They cover taboos, kinky relationships, and fetishes, from a professional perspective as two colleagues working in the industry but also from their own very personal experiences, with a ton of emotional intelligence, empathy, and strong ethics.  


How did it start?

It all started with a series of questions that Mistress Eva posted every Sunday on her Twitter account, she ask about her followers’ motivations, desires, and fetishes. Questions ranged from ‘why we think people may be submissive or Dominant’ to ‘how to navigate our kinky lives’, and lots of different topics were covered.

This drove plenty of engagement, and the responses revealed a lot more than she expected about her followers. Each individual wanted to share their experiences and kinks, how much they wanted to be understood or accepted, or maybe just admit it how they hadn’t yet figured it all out.

Their responses were also so informative and inspirational, a mix of experiences and knowledge that showcased the power of the community. This is what inspired the Safeword Podcast. Each episode Dirk Hooper and Mistress Eva go through the responses of the kink community and discuss their own thoughts, stories, and fantasies.

Who are Mistress Eva and Dirk Hooper?

Eva Oh, aka Mistress Eva, is an International Dominatrix of Chinese-Burmese-English-Irish descent, who grew up across Asia, Australia and Europe, and currently lives in Bali, Indonesia (website).

She learned her demeanour from her mother, and her skills working as a professional domme at Salon Kitty’s dungeons, where she started in 2012. There, she spent her time surrounded by twenty, very opinionated women, who shared their frustrations, debriefed their sessions, and joined in workshops to improve specific skills.

Like Aleta Cai (did you remember the blog post about her book?) she’s oriental asian, and an introvert. Yay! and Introvert! …no ‘yay’? Anyway… Mistress Eva tours the world on select engagements meeting her dozen or so of clients, runs an online slave training playground, and is very enthusiastic about slave training and total power exchange, with a very strict protocol.

In addition to her work as a BDSM trainer (website), Mistress Eva hosts #teakink with other mistresses (website, YouTube, and IG tv) which is frikking awesome, and runs a BDSM themed weekly Q&A on her Twitter account. 


Every Sunday I make a point to ask open questions on my Twitter account. I asked these questions because I simply wanted more from my social media experience, but the responses quickly revealed a greater depth. It revealed the power of the community and it inspired a drive in me – their words deserve to be heard; and the Safeword Podcast is my attempt at helping to make this happen. In each episode we read the responses of the kink community and Dirk and I discuss our own thoughts, stories and fantasies.

Mistress Eva
mistress eva oh

Dirk Hooper is an award-winning professional writer and a journalist for the fetish community. Some of his articles were published on the Business InsiderInc. MagazineHuffPostSlate MagazineThe Sporting NewsMSN Sport, and Quartz, he won the Quora Top Writer award for the past three years, and was named a Top Writer in Movies and Creativity on Medium.

Dirk Hooper does commentary and advice for the BDSM community through FETISHWEEK articles, the Daily Fetish Chronicle and freelance writing for ASN Lifestyle, Kink Weekly, Kink-e Magazine, Madison Kink, and more.

He is also a professional artist, audiobook narrator, BDSM mentor, and an award-winning fetish photographer. Dirk won Best Fetish Photographer at the 2019, 2018 and 2017 Fetish Awards in St. Petersburg Florida. His photography has been exhibited in England, the Netherlands, Belgium, China and all over the US, as well as some permanent collections of the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University and the Leather Archives and Museum in Chicago, Illinois.

Hooper (website, YouTube, Twitter, and IG) also works as a consultant on adult personal branding, engagement, social media management, SEO, copywriting, design and marketing through his Sexy Networking business (website).


They say if you have more then one slave, you are the masochist.

Dirk Hooper - Safeword, E01 Ridiculous Assumptions

How many episodes are there? 

As of today there are 9 episodes, which might feel like too few, but think of it as a limited series 🙂 Last episode was from May this year, but there are more to come.

In the very first episode, Dirk said something that really made me think, and I quote “… currently there are 20 male subs to 1 female domme…“; he also goes on and explains how that dynamic works and why. If you don’t want to listen to all the episodes, I highly recommend listening at least to the first couple of episodes.

Hours of deep and open conversations offering insights into the lives of kink professionals. Eva and Dirk have a fantastic chemistry and it really comes through in the podcast. Absolutely recommend a listen! 

One of my fav quotes was a tweet from Mistress Artemisia they was called out in Episode 6 answering the question ‘What are the Attributes of a Good Submissive?’:

“Know the difference between submitting to take, which is fulfilling their own subby desires, and submitting to give, being in service to what she wants. Both are valide, but knowing the difference, and when each is appropriate, is huge.”

The S&M Chronicles is available on:

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