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Workshop review: Domming 101 by KK

This review is for a workshop I attended in March during our 3rd lockdown, but only just got a chance to write about it.

Killing Kittens and Lola Jean present: Domming 101

By now, you must be familiar with Killing Kittens, particularly since I wrote about various posts about their events: Hedonism, Pegging workshop, Shibari workshop, and Dirty Talk

This time, I have attended a Domming 101 online workshop, as I was curious to find out what was going to be covered.

About the presenter. Lola Jean is a Sex Educator, Mental Health Professional, Domme, and more. She has a very relaxed, open-minded, and reassuring tone. You can find out more about her on her website.

About the format. Same as last few ones, the workshop was on zoom, however it started late because they had zoom problems (supposed to start at 8pm GMT, started at 8.32pm GMT). It was introduced by KK, and led by Lola, and lasted for… well, lasted for way too long in my opinion. I logged out at 11pm GMT, but it was still going on when I did.

About the topic. Lola, as always, was an excellent speaker; her tone was calm, open, and honest. At the beginning she was a little flustered, but probably because of the very delayed start, then she paced herself and went through her detailed presentation. 

She discussed the value of creating your own persona and your sub’s, the importance of names and honorific titles for the Dom/Domme and nicknames for the sub, and how these can help set boundaries between the in-scene and out of scene moments. She talked about the importance of defining what you would like the relationship to be, consent, the types of physical/mental domination agreed on (whether is in person or remotely), and aftercare. Lastly, she went through basic things to avoid, and general etiquette.

KK domming 101
lola pic

Lola Jean, picture from her website.

About my thoughts. I thought she covered some key topics brilliantly, particularly at the beginning. However I felt like the last few slides of her presentation lacked direction and purpose. She spent a little too long on some of the topics but, nevertheless, I thought she was very thorough and she dedicated time answering all the questions at the end of the workshop (which also contributed to the workshop lasting so long). No need to say I am totally into this, and really enjoy Domming. I don’t think I learnt anything new, but I can say that she provided a great picture, particularly if you are new to the subject.


Domming is totally your thing, you want to know more? Visit Lola’s website and find out more.


Not your thing, but still interested in workshops? KK runs a wide variety – see what’s coming up.