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Social review: The Fox Den Skulk

There is a new sex-positive community in town.


The Fox Den was founded in 2021, but don’t let the year fool you. Behind this community there is a beautiful, charming, and fierce Irish woman who has strong roots in the kink and sex positive London community.

Foxy (aka Sinead Mac Manus) has been organising club nights as part of the Fox&Badge brand for the past six years with her ex partner (The Badger). These events were sexy parties with killer DJs, great performers, and a super friendly, fancy dressed crowd. The only thing missing? A play room or a play area (meaning that there wasn’t a dedicated room/section of the venue for more explicit playing)!

fox den

Five years into the scene, Foxy saw the opportunity for this community to evolve into a new direction. Her vision was simple: creating a sex positive community that was open to everyone.

She envisaged different type of events, social gatherings that combined great music and performative elements – core features at Fox&Badge – as well as incorporating play areas in a safe, and approachable way. The biggest challenge for many newcomers is that events often feel intimating, so she wanted to provide a safe and welcoming space for both curious newcomers and seasoned adventurers alike.

This is what led her to her very own sex-positive community offering a range of social activities and events, so that each member of the community can find the event that works for them!

Visit The Fox Den official website.

About the “social”

Things are finally opening up in London and events are back! woop woop! (small woops as BoJo could take that away any minute). So last month I decided to attended my very first ‘Social’ organised by THE FOX DEN.

So what’s a “social”? A social is kinda like a munch (see grey box for definition), a gathering to meet and greet other kinksters. And you know what a group of foxes is called? A skulk! This particular skulk was the perfect chance to meet new friends ahead of the upcoming parties, and find out more about the Fox Den growing community.

What is a munch?

A munch is a casual social gathering for people involved in or interested in BDSM. Generally it takes place in a public place, like restaurants, bars, coffee shops, on in the above case, a park!

The organiser usually reserves a table, or an area, or a private room, and guests are free to arrive and leave within the specified hours.

The purpose of these ‘munches’ are to socialise in an informal and low-pressure setting, where fetish attire and BDSM play are often discouraged.

The skulk was organised as an informal mingle, open to everyone, and free to attend – so long as you RSVP’ed. It was originally set to be in a bar, however Foxy had to get a little creative when the Lockdown 3.0 was not lifted as planned, but instead delayed for an extra four weeks.

The skulk was relocated to a specific location of a park North of the river in London, and to make sure we found it, sent us a treasure map. She then went the extra mile, and to make sure we found the right group in the park, she added some ‘foxy’ decorations!

The Fox Den is not just about play parties, it's a range of social activities from dinners and food experiences to erotic film nights, and cocktail and crafting sessions, with the goal of meeting likeminded people to make new friends.

Foxy - aka Sinead Mac Manus

I arrived just half hour after starting time, and it was already shaping to be a cool gathering; there were picnic blankets everywhere, snacks and drinks all over the place, all seasoned with laughs and kinksters. And of course, Foxy was also there to welcome everyone and answer any questions!

Everyone was lovely, there were people from all ages, backgrounds, and walks of life. The crowd was super friendly, we chatted about all sort of things, and I spend the evening hopping from group to group. Conversations ranged from the upcoming events, reminiscing about the pre-covid times, and what social networks we are on.

I would recommend socials or munches or skulks to anyone who wants to meet a friendly and varied crowd, maybe dip the toe in the kink scene! It’s the perfect opportunity to meet people ahead of a party, see who is going to which party and then you can ahead there together.

Want to attend the next one?

The Fox Den Club has both free to attend events – don’t forget to RSVP – as well as paid play parties where you can let go of your inhibitions or simply catch up with friends 😉

If you are thinking of attending one of the play parties, you might want to apply for a free membership (members must be over the age of 25) and have a read through the code of conduct.

There are a couple of party events coming up; the first signature play party will be on Thursday 15 July (limited tickets left), and her next party will be on Thursday 16 September (now on sale). There are other events open to non-members, such as Talk: BDSM Demystified on Wednesday 28 July and the next Fox Den Skulk on Wednesday 25 August, listed on the website.