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Party review: The Fox Den Victoriana

First party review of 2021!

Following the Social I reviewed last time, THE FOX DEN organised its own very first party – Victoriana – and it was just beautiful ♥ ♥ ♥

Victoriana was held in a gorgeous Victorian dispensary; originally built in 1858 in E1, it has since been turned into a luxurious private club. The venue was divided in three floors for the different purposes… shall we take a walk?

The party started on the ground floor, with a glass of bubbles. There you could find the bar with comfy seating areas and a mezzanine, overlooking the stage, with tables for more intimate chats; the entertainment included dancers and DJs (Retone and Alexandra).

Next, the dungeons were available for everyone to explore. At the bottom of the stairs there were toilets, changing rooms available for those who wanted to upgrade their outfits, areas with plenty of kinky furniture to play with, lounge spaces with mattresses, a glory wall, and so much more. All of it under the watchful eye of Master Peter (more info below), who showed us some really cool vintage toys from the early 1900s.

The top floor was an absolute dream; at the top of the stairs there were three beautifully decorated playrooms (lockable, for those seeking privacy) and a master bedroom with plenty of beds, armchairs, chaise lounges, towels, and so much space to play. 

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I arrived on the early side, as I had work the following day, and I wanted to make sure I made the most of the evening. I was welcomed by Foxy (like at the Social), who right away introduced me to some of the guests, and handed me a glass of bubbles. 

The party theme was the Victorian times, so think corsets, ruffles, canes, tailcoats, top hats, gloves, and more. Everyone looked absolutely stunning, and you could tell they made a real effort in dressing up; it was a sea of feathers, chainmail, lace, and leather. The crowd was chilled and friendly, with a very good mix of people from different backgrounds and ages. I talked to many people that evening, bump into acquaintances from the last Fox Den Social, and made new friends. It was just such a lovely evening!

Victoriana by Fox Den was an absolutely stunning, indulgent, and liberating experience! I have attended many kinky events in the past, and this was by far the one with the best atmosphere / friendliest crowd combo. It was so very perfectly organised, with a fabulous attention to details, I am really looking forward to the next party! ♥ ♥ ♥

A triumph indeed! What a fantastic night and as it was my guest's first ever big party I was so pleased it was an event like this. You created such a lovely relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, awesome performances and Ben upstairs was a great presence carefully and respectfully looking after everyone.

Guest Review of The Fox Den: Victoriana

Wanted to say thanks so much for last night. It was an extraordinary event full of fabulous people and amazing fun. The venue was perfect, and you guys made it look incredible. One of my favourite ever nights!

Guest Review of The Fox Den: Victoriana

Want to attend the next one?

If you are thinking of attending one of the play parties, don’t miss out Angels & Demons on Thursday 16 September (now on sale). Make sure you apply for a free membership (members must be over the age of 25) and have a read through the code of conduct. If you are unsure about parties you can start with a social, dinner or other fun activities first, more here.

Thank you so much for last night. I had an absolute blast! It was so refreshing to see so many friendly, fun and beautiful people. The venue was fantastic, as were the staff and the shows. Thanks for everything.

Guest Review of The Fox Den: Victoriana

Master Peter

Master Peter is a London-based BDSM professional and kink educator. With over ten year experience, he works inthe industry as a dungeon Master or play monitor for private parties, as a BDSM coach for both Dominants and submissives, and he also runs group sessions in a workshop, seminar or demonstration style format.

He specialises in connective sensation and impact play, ranging from sensual domination for hedonist to heavier plays for the most resilient of masochists. He offers sessions both in private setting or in a well equipped centrally located dungeon, depending on client’s preferences.

Master Peter

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