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What do you know about tantra?

Tantric massage from an expert

As you probably guessed by now, my area of expertise is mostly kink and BDSM. The other day, a friend of mine asked me what tantric massage is and I couldn’t give a clear answer.

So I thought, why not ask an expert? And guess what… I do know a tantric masseuse who is a friend, a published author, and a spiritual being with 8+ years of experience working professionally. May I present you… Miki 🙂

The New Body by Miki

My name is Miki and I run The New Body. I’m a certified Tantric Practitioner and Tantra teacher and I am here to share my experience. Thank you Kinky Tiger for the space you’re giving me on these pages.

What is a Tantric Massage?

It’s a ritual, it’s intimate, and it’s transformative. Rituals and intimacy are lost in our lives, absorbed by religions and social conventions. Many people feel the call of a new connection with their body, their sexuality, and their own pleasure. However there are so few spaces where this can happen safely and within strong boundaries foundations.

The Massage is firstly, and for some people foremost, a ritual. It’s a ceremony full of love and compassion that allows people to disconnect from their daily life and immerse themselves in a bubble where it’s easy to surrender and to be explicit with their desires.

It starts with a conversation about boundaries and desires, it consists of a couple of hours, sometimes more, of bodywork and a final period of after care and cool down, that takes all the time the client needs to “come back home”.

It’s intimate. The massage includes on purpose what we all tend to exclude from our self-perception for a thousand reasons: the genitals, the breast area, the bottom.

The movements are slow and conscious, all is happening inside the boundaries discussed in the beginning, and the touch of the most delicate parts is calibrated together with the client, to allow them to experience the maximum level of pleasure possible.

And it’s transformative. A few hours of true connection with our intimacy sometimes is all what’s needed to kickstart a new self.

Do you work alone?

I often team up with Stephanie, from Red Velvet Coaching, to offer a more comprehensive approach to Sexual Transmutation.

The presence in the entire process of a skilled woman-bodied coach will allow you to explore your sensuality and desire in an especially safe space and at the hands of an experienced masseur, while the coach will be available to hold space and ‘coach at the moment’.

This creates an incredible opportunity for you to learn, explore and re-asses, and make faster progress in your ability to create the level of intimacy and pleasure you wish for in your life.

I consider myself a Pleasure Facilitator. I integrate traditional Tantric massage with modern Holistic practices to make you experience the higher level of Relaxation, Pleasure, Awakening and Love.


Red velvet coaching

Stefanie Lynn-Heyck is a certified life coach, experienced in supporting clients who are willing to discover and deepen a conscious approach to relationships and sexual experiences. She believes in empowering clients to reach their full potential for intimacy and pleasure and that they have all the wisdom inside themselves to transform their lives, to make sex and intimacy an amazing, fulfilling experience and to become the best version of themselves.

She offers online coaching sessions in a safe, confidential, and judgment-free space, where everything can be talked about, outside of any limits society and culture may have set.

Link to website.

Is it a sexual experience?

Let me stress again that all is happening is discussed beforehand and it’s happening inside everybody’s boundaries, mine included. The presence of Stefanie in the space, when we work together, is exactly an attempt to support people that struggles defining their own boundaries.

Yes, it can be a purely sexual experience, even if genital penetration is outside the boundaries of the ritual itself, but it can also be transcendent, relaxing, revealing, and much more, we are all different.

Are you giving me an orgasm?

Orgasms are a gift but not a goal. We will work together to find pleasure, pleasure don’t necessarily implies orgasms, even though they happen – sometimes multiple times, and we won’t be obsessively looking for them.

What happens the days after?

We will check on you and be ready to support your journey, usually the first couple of days after the client might need some help to start integrating the experience, but be assured that we won’t leave you alone.

One last question. Can I do it just for fun? Yes! That’s the spirit, for the betterment of well people!

The New Body

At The New Body, Miki’s practice is inclusive, welcoming female-bodied, trans, non-binary individuals, and couples. Taking you on a transformative journey of well-being and sensuality with a holistic approach to Tantric massage focused on exploring the self, learning to receive touch and express desires, revitalizing relationships, and nourishing the soul. 

His services are available through outcall appointments, either at one’s location or a mutually agreed upon space, with an openness to travel. His work is guided by Betty Martin Wheel of Consent, prioritising boundaries and respect. Email: thenewbodyuk@gmail.com

A little something from one of Miki's clients

Read this review from one of Miki’s clients. In this particular case, the client received a Tantric Massage in a Supported Space, an offering in collaboration with intimacy coach Stefanie Lynn-Heyck.

Some clients prefer to have someone that holds space for them during the practice, or simply a witness. In this case, this was Stefanie’s role and here is what happened with this particular client.

I have been reflecting on yesterday and I feel blessed that I was able to experience tantric massage in such a safe and loving way. There was deep respect and the communication and the ceremony was perfect. It’s not just a massage, it’s an experience.

I was able to immerse myself in, and feel completely safe. You and Stef are an ideal partnership, you were both so calm and prepared, and the timings were perfect.

The consent framework is vital along with the boundary setting, and it was done clearly. I think it’s also important that you encourage clients to plan carefully to ensure they are able physically and emotionally to fully engage in the process.

I know that this is difficult as in many respects it’s out of your hands, for myself I did the following:
1. I travelled the day before, and chose a good hotel nearby to the day use hotel
2. I had a good night’s sleep having been able to access a meal at the hotel
3. I had an early breakfast so I knew I wouldn’t feel uncomfortable
4. I mentally disengaged from work from the moment I left the house the day before to getting home the day after
5. I planned my journey carefully, if I had been driving I would have looked at parking etc
6. I arrived at the day use early and was able to familiarise myself with the room
7. I had thought about my boundaries before we discussed them
8. I got std tested as soon as I knew we were meeting so I wasn’t stressed waiting for results ​
9. I had brought with me my Alpro milk for example so I didn’t stress about not be able to have coffee, just little things like that