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Party review: Fox&Badge Sin

If you need to sin, sin big.*

It’s just sooooo good to go to a party and dance all night, almost like the past 18 months never happened… 

Last month, I attended a Fox&Badge party. You may remember of them when I blogged about a Fox Den Club social, and wrote a little around the organiser’s history. 

In brief, Fox&Badge have been running sexy parties in London for over six years. Their events have killer DJs, great performers, and a friendly, crazy-dressed crowd. They bring parties to life with their hedonistic blend of music, art, and vulnerability. With a sort of tribal twist.

fox and badger

This time, the theme was the Seven Deadly Sins. How diabolically fun!

The options were endless, you could have come as one of the sins – pride, greed, wrath, envy, lust, gluttony and sloth – or anything in-between. Of course I went as one of my fav sins… SLOTH. Meaning I showed up in my nighties, sleep mask, and stuffed teddy. It was great.

We condemn a sin before we have even tried it.

Henry S Haskins
fox and badge sinners

About the party

My party started with some pre-evening drinks at a friend’s house, followed by a quick taxi ride to the venue. We arrived just after 11pm (Sloth is always fashionably late) and joined the queue. I have to admit I was so very grateful I had a coat on top of my nighties, as it was pretty chilly in the queue (Sloth hates being cold).

The party-party started at 10pm and went on until early morning at The Steel Yard Nightclub, so by the time we got in, the party was in full swing.

The venue was beautiful and spacious, with a couple of bar areas and plenty of space for dancing. The biggest dancefloor was the busiest, with installations for aerial dancers, thrones (yes, actual thrones), seating space and more.

There were dancers of all sorts throughout the night, including aerial lyra (the one with the ring that looks like a hula-hoop) and aerial tissu (the one with the long silky ribbon hanging off the ceiling). 

The party was full of beautiful, daring, sexy people in creative costumes, stunning headpieces, and mysterious masks. The atmosphere was vibrant and full of colours.

I bumped into a couple of guests from the previous night’s party (the day before I attended The Fox Den Club’s Angels & Demons play party), and stopped by to chat in between songs.

The venue also had a smaller dancefloor with artists dancing on the bar, a cloakroom near by, and various interactive and sinful installations scattered all over the venue.

There were installations for each Sins, including my favourite, a large chill-out area with huge cushions all over the floor, in Sloth’s honour. 

Want to attend the next one?

If you are thinking of attending one of their parties, check out their Facebook group and see what’s coming up next. Make sure you get yourself a cool creative outfit, and I don’t mean expensive, I mean creative. Some of the best outfits are put together with what you have at home, no jokes! And of course you gotta be ready to partaaaay!!! 🙂 

The DJs line up was awesome as always, here are the stars of the night:

*I am in no way endorsing criminal or reckless behaviour 🙂