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Just for fun: Kink Map!

Disclaimer: kinda NSFW large image on this page.

Have you ever wondered how many kinks and fetishes are out there?

In the past I wrote a few blog posts around BDSM, particularly The ABC of BDSM and Type of Plays in BDSM. These cover a lot of the basis of the kink and fetish world. I also wrote about specific kinks and fetishes in more detail. I’ve highlighted some of types of play such as dirty talkD/s roleplayingpegging, more about pegging – obviously I didn’t feel like I covered enough the first time around!, bondage, kilts – no judging here!, BDSM and medicine, spirituality, and psychology by Piacere Nostro, sex toys, and more. Mind you, the list might be 100% bias since I write about whatever I like… I like variety though, so there is that.

abc of BDSM
types of bdsm play

There is SO much more out there that I want to write about. There are endless kinks that I want to explore; that I am exploring, that I’d like to learn more about but live only in my fantasies, or that I have already explored but haven’t put down in words yet. For example, I read many papers, research articles, guidebooks and such on breath play. That’s one of those tricky ones; due to it’s nature, I don’t know when (or if) I will be able to write about it as extensively as pegging. Breath play is considered edge play, and edge play challenges the usual SSC protocol (safe, sane and consensual) and opts for RACK instead (risk-aware consensual kink). Due to the serious dangers around it, consent and risks should be thoroughly negotiated and discussed ahead of a scene. I have mentioned it in passing on the Types of Plays in BDSM blog, so please go and take a look if you are interested.

Sometimes, I read about new (to me) kinks on FetLife, or I get a new idea while chatting with a friend. More often than I like to admit, I learn about it while browsing online. I honestly can say that I enjoy browsing the web in search for new ideas to explore with a new play partner, or simply read and learn more about it for my future self. If I feel like spending an afternoon reading and researching, then I would probably run through a BDSM checklist for inspiration (that’s a list used in D/s relationship to define activities, types of play and establish boundaries), or I take a look at the KINK MAP for ideas! ? yes, there is a kink map and spoiler alert, it’s below ?

Here is a fun map for you to browse!